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Thad Gabara is a U.S. patent agent focusing on U.S. patent preparation, prosecution, and litigation support. Thad has prosecuted United States patent applications for numerous companies including LCTank, Orion Microelectronics, MetaMEMS and Wionics. He also drafted applications for AT&T, Lucent and Agere. Thad is registered to practice patent law before the USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office). He has been providing prosecution service since June 2005.


Prior to starting his own firm Tyrean, Thad Gabara was employed at AT&T Bell Labs in 1979 as a member of technical staff. After a decade, he moved from development to join Bell Labs Research and stayed with the company as it changed from AT&T to Lucent to Agere Systems. In 2002 Thaddeus was awarded the CMTS (Consulting Member of Technical Staff).  Thad is the author of over 40 publications; primarily in the area of high speed CMOS mixed signal designs and has been issued over 80 patents. Thad holds a bachelors and masters in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology.


In addition, Thad is serving on the litigation committees of the following two groups: American Intellectual Property Law Association and the Intellectual Property Owners Association.


Background of Patent Practitioner

Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents can prosecute patent applications before the USPTO. However, the patent attorney is also admitted to practice before the courts of at least one state in the U.S. allowing them to perform trademark, copyright and litigation activities in that state. Patent agents on the other hand cannot perform these three latter activities. Generally speaking, the patent agent has one or two decades of experience in the field of their engineering specialty and then becomes a patent agent, while the patent attorney generally practices in the engineering field for a short period of time. In addition, many patent agents have a strong engineering background may not have/or are currently attending law school. Although having knowledge of engineering experience in the field is important, it is not a requirement. Many practitioners (a patent attorney or patent agent) can create outstanding claims for their clients even without experience.

Thus, the selection of a patent attorney or patent agent is a complex one. A patent attorney has experience in the courtroom litigating a patent case before a judge. The issue in the litigation battle is the wording of the claim and describing just what it means to the court. This is the exact person who could potentially create an excellent claim. But, unfortunately many of the attorneys seeking to litigate patent cases move away from the prosecution of patent applications and are not available to prosecute patent cases.

Here at Tyrean, our registered patent agent Thaddeus Gabara, has been performing litigation support services for large law firms and prosecuting patents applications for several clients, simultaneously. A patent agent can offer litigation support services such as expert witness or technical expert services in litigation cases even though they are not an attorney. This contrasting experience is leveraged by Tyrean to create superior claims for their clients.

Team Effort

Team Effort

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Tyrean can be contacted by:

Phone     908-821-6590



Tyrean is available to get to your last minute patent prosecution needs done in short order. Your inventions and ideas can be turned into patent applications in a week. Give Tyrean a call (908-821-6590 and ask for Thad) to get further information.


We also offer a free 1/2 hour consultation to discuss any questions you may have about patents. For example; how to determine inventors, what is the difference between a provisional or utility patent, or what is a disclosure?


Patent Prosecution and Expert Witness Firm

Our firm has been offering patent filing and patent prosecution for your ideas or inventions. We also provide litigation services, such as: claim chart generation, expert witness services, technical expert services, reverse engineering layouts, and opinion support service. Thad Gabara comes to Tyrean with a solid foundation of over two decades of exposure to development and research in AT&T Bell Labs. During this period, Thad was awarded with over 90 patents.


Highlights of our service includes: patent prosecution, ideas and inventions to patents ideas, patent litigation, litigation services, expert witness, opinion support, patent portfolio management, claims charts generation, filing patent applications, patent law, law firm services, patent prosecution law firm, patent agents, patent attorneys.


We offer various services. Tyrean takes your ideas or inventions, can perform searches, prepare the patent application for you ideas and inventions, submit the patent application to the USPTO and prosecute the patent application for you ideas and inventions before the USPTO. Portfolio management of patents is also available. In addition, we offer litigation support services. Our services includes: expert witness, expert witness testimony, opinion background search and technical expert.



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