Litigation Support

Tyrean offers technical expert and expert witness services with regards to intellectual property litigation cases in electrical engineering matters. Tyrean has provided technical expert and expert witness service in several litigation cases where some of the clients grossed $1B+ annually.


Tyrean Offers Support in Litigation Matters

  • Tyrean is available to support your needs for a testifying witness, expert witness or technical expert.
  • We have provided depositions for a Markman hearing.
  • Tyrean has supported the litigation activities of several law firms.
  • We search the prior art space to identify pertinent patents or literature.
  • We find weaknesses in existing patents, analyze file wrappers, search prior art and reverse engineer circuit layout.
  • Tyrean provides a skilled in the art analysis of the targeted claim, generates claim charts and presents results of technical analysis at your location.
  • We can interact with you over the phone or on-site to present the analysis of the studies as requested.


Support Services in Infringement and Freedom to Operate Opinions

  • Tyrean understands and provides search support services for prior art related to the infringement and freedom to operate opinions.
  • The claim language of various prior art patents are evaluated to determine if the patent anticipate the proposed product.
  • We provide a brief analysis of the offending prior art.
  • Our staff have identified prior art and generated claim charts to help invalidate several patents in a several different litigation cases.
  • In addition, Tyrean provides technical briefings and presentations for several topics in electrical engineering that the client may want to strengthen.


Our Particular Areas of Specialty
  • Mixed Signal Systems
  • CMOS High Speed Circuits
  • I/O Buffers
  • I/O Interfaces
  • Communication Systems
  • Error Correction
  • Self-Compensating I/O Buffers
  • VLSI Clocking Networks
  • VLSI Architectures
  • Low Power CMOS Circuits
  • Packaging
  • Wireless Systems
  • Multi chip Modules
  • Full Custom Layout
  • Interface Standards
  • HDTV
  • BERT Analysis
  • Switching Noise
  • Viterbi Decoder
  • Analog Computation
  • Wireless Architecture
  • Wireless Architectures
  • LC Tank Circuits
  • Our Background

    • Over Two Decades in Bell Labs
      Thad has a Bell Labs background in electrical engineering that started in development of VLSI integrated circuits and ended in research developing wireless systems. He was part of a Bell Labs team to develop the world's first 32 bit CMOS processors back in 1979-80, and then designed several communication chips during the 80's. In 1991, he transferred to Research in Murray Hill, NJ. In research his efforts primarily dealt with full custom mixed signal design, adiabatic computing, oscillators, SERDES, error correction and wireless interfaces.
    • Patent Agent
      Our staff have identified prior art and generated claim charts to help invalidate several patents in a several different litigation cases.
    • Patents
      Thad has been issued over 70 patents while an employee of Bell Labs.
    • Publications
      He has over 40 publications in electrical engineering publications and conferences. In addition, he has presented intellectual property patent issues at EE conferences.
    • Tutorials
      Tyrean will be delivering a Educational Session at the CICC (custom Integrated Circuit Conference) in September 2009 in Santa Clara, CA.

    Call Tyrean

    • Call Tyrean (ask for Thad) at 908-821-6590 and we will be happy to discuss any issue with you.

    Contact Information

    Tyrean can be contacted by:

    Phone     908-821-6590



    Tyrean is available to get to your last minute patent prosecution needs done in short order. Your inventions and ideas can be turned into patent applications in a week. Give Tyrean a call (908-821-6590 and ask for Thad) to get further information.


    We also offer a free 1/2 hour consultation to discuss any questions you may have about patents. For example; how to determine inventors, what is the difference between a provisional or utility patent, or what is a disclosure?


    Patent Prosecution and Expert Witness Firm

    Our firm has been offering patent filing and patent prosecution for your ideas or inventions. We also provide litigation services, such as: claim chart generation, expert witness services, technical expert services, reverse engineering layouts, and opinion support service. Thad Gabara comes to Tyrean with a solid foundation of over two decades of exposure to development and research in AT&T Bell Labs. During this period, Thad was awarded with over 90 patents.


    Highlights of our service includes: patent prosecution, ideas and inventions to patents ideas, patent litigation, litigation services, expert witness, opinion support, patent portfolio management, claims charts generation, filing patent applications, patent law, law firm services, patent prosecution law firm, patent agents, patent attorneys.


    We offer various services. Tyrean takes your ideas or inventions, can perform searches, prepare the patent application for you ideas and inventions, submit the patent application to the USPTO and prosecute the patent application for you ideas and inventions before the USPTO. Portfolio management of patents is also available. In addition, we offer litigation support services. Our services includes: expert witness, expert witness testimony, opinion background search and technical expert.



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