Recently Issued Patents

The Issued patents for several of Tyrean's Clients are available. The "pdf" icon provides a PDF copy, while the "book" icon provides the text version.

pdf text Patent Number Title of the Issued Patent
PDF of patent Text of patent 8,532,919 Method and apparatus of physically moving a portable unit to view an image of a stationary map
PDF of patent Text of patent 8,531,848 Coulomb island and Faraday shield used to create adjustable Coulomb forces
PDF of patent Text of patent 8,487,695 Differential source follower having 6dB gain with applications to WiGig baseband filters
PDF of patent Text of patent 8,410,927 Apparatus and method for finding a misplaced object using a database and instructions generated by a portable device
PDF of patent Text of patent 8,451,118 Method and apparatus for maintaining and locating lost, misplaced or stolen articles
PDF of patent Text of patent 8,406,710 Method and Apparatus of Minimizing Extrinsic Parasitic Resistance in 60GHz Power Amplifier Circuits
PDF of patent Text of patent 7,751,597 Apparatus and method for identifying a name corresponding to a face or voice using a database
PDF of patent Text of patent 7,603,084 Method and apparatus for DC offset calibration
PDF of patent Text of patent 7,535,975 QAM mapping and bit labeling or bit-interleaved coded modulation
PDF of patent Text of patent 7,336,114 High-speed latching technique and application to frequency dividers
PDF of patent Text of patent 7,250,826 Mutual inductance in transformer based tank circuitry

Contact Information

Tyrean can be contacted by:

Phone     908-821-6590



Tyrean is available to get to your last minute patent prosecution needs done in short order. Your inventions and ideas can be turned into patent applications in a week. Give Tyrean a call (908-821-6590 and ask for Thad) to get further information.


We also offer a free 1/2 hour consultation to discuss any questions you may have about patents. For example; how to determine inventors, what is the difference between a provisional or utility patent, or what is a disclosure?


Patent Prosecution and Expert Witness Firm

Our firm has been offering patent filing and patent prosecution for your ideas or inventions. We also provide litigation services, such as: claim chart generation, expert witness services, technical expert services, reverse engineering layouts, and opinion support service. Thad Gabara comes to Tyrean with a solid foundation of over two decades of exposure to development and research in AT&T Bell Labs. During this period, Thad was awarded with over 90 patents.


Highlights of our service includes: patent prosecution, ideas and inventions to patents ideas, patent litigation, litigation services, expert witness, opinion support, patent portfolio management, claims charts generation, filing patent applications, patent law, law firm services, patent prosecution law firm, patent agents, patent attorneys.


We offer various services. Tyrean takes your ideas or inventions, can perform searches, prepare the patent application for you ideas and inventions, submit the patent application to the USPTO and prosecute the patent application for you ideas and inventions before the USPTO. Portfolio management of patents is also available. In addition, we offer litigation support services. Our services includes: expert witness, expert witness testimony, opinion background search and technical expert.



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