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Tyrean Patent Prosecution specializes in transforming your inventions into patents.  We provide flat rate quotes.  Call us at 908-821-6590 if you have questions.

Start-up and Entrepreneur Patent Services are One of Our Main Focuses.

We offer high quality and low cost patent preparation, filing and prosecution services. Start protecting your start-up companies’ intellectual property (IP) today.

We work with high-tech startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals
We interacted with brilliant inventors and these inventors extent from a single inventor to a group of inventors that are found in startups. Most the patents in our portfolio of patents for our clients are all high-tech at the cutting edge of technology.

Our Specialty – High-Tech Patents

Our specialty is in the areas of electrical engineering and computer science. We cover hardware and software patents. Our heritage goes back to Bell Labs and not surprisingly many of our clients are former Bell Labs’ employees who left to form startups. We can also work with entrepreneurs and individuals to file their patent applications or discuss extending the idea of their invention.

Tyrean has been providing prosecution service and has practitioners who been involved with nearly 200 patent applications being filed into the USPTO. We file U.S. Patent applications for inventors in all countries of the world. We also file U.S. applications into foreign countries. Visits by Tyrean to the business location of your startup can be easily arranged, particularly if you you need several applications submitted in short order. We enjoy handling your hi-tech patents. See our startup clients’ published U.S. application list.

We protect your invention

Your inventions are protected by an attorney-client privilege bestowed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) onto a licensed patent practitioner (patent agent). The USPTO has a website where you can check, very easily, if the patent practitioner you are dealing with is registered. Click on this site which takes you to that particular website page and fill in the last name of the individual. Hit the search button at the bottom and anyone with that last name will be listed. If more than one are listed, click on the one in the list that matches the first name who you are dealing with and you will see all the details for this registered individual. An example is here. Watch the following video to learn more about registered patent practitioners.




Thaddeus Gabara is an accomplished electrical engineer, developer, researcher, technical consultant, inventor of over 100 U.S. Patents,  a U.S. patent agent and a U.S. Veteran.

Thaddeus’s interest has focused on bleeding-edge technology.   After servicing in the military, he received his BS and MS in electrical engineering at NJIT.  Thaddeus worked for Bell Laboratories and spent a decade in Development designing integrated circuits; one that he is proud of is being on the team developing the world’s first CMOS 32 bit microprocessor.

Thaddeus transferred into Bell Labs Research as a Principal Investigator.  He spent the next decade in the Wireless Research Lab studying communication systems, ultra-fast circuits for computation, and low-power adiabatic computation.

After retiring from Bell labs, Thaddeus became a registered patent agent and started his own patent prosecution law firm.  He has been registered to practice patent law before the USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office) for the last decade. Thaddeus has helped inventors protect their ideas with patents in numerous startup companies.

Thaddeus’s career spans three decades equally covering technology development, basic research, and patent law.




A feature incorporated into the design of a useful article is eligible for copyright protection only if the feature (1) can be perceived as a two- or three-dimensional work of art separate from the useful article, and (2) would qualify as a protectable pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work—either on its own or fixed in some …

Latches Cannot Bar Legal Damages Claims in Patent Cases

SCA Hygiene Prods. V. First Quality Baby Prods. (Supreme Court. 2017) In a 7-1 decision delivered by Justice Alito, the Supreme Court has expanded its recent copyright decision in Petrella to now hold that laches cannot be invoked as a defense in patent cases to prevent legal damages within the statutory 6-year limitations period of …


Our Patent Services Translate Your Ideas into Patents

A patent is a very important piece of intellectual property. Patents allow the patent holder to retain exclusive rights to a specific product or service for a period of time. This can be highly value in today’s competitive market. If you or your company wants to file a patent, you will need the services of skilled experts to help you navigate the patent filing process. You will need someone on your side to help you get the results you want and the patent rights you deserve.

Our Services 

At Tyrean, we work with those who desire receiving a patent for their invention. The goal of our service is to transform an idea or invention from an inventor into a patent application suitable for filing into the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent application is drafted with a specification, a set of drawings, an abstract, and twenty claims crafted to protect the property rights of your invention. Once this patent has been granted, the holder of the patent can use this legal protection to prevent others from marketing, producing or servicing this invention to the public.
We at Tyrean offer our services to both individuals and companies of any size and industry. Whether you are a new startup or an established company, we, at Tyrean, can help you make sure your patent application is properly filed. We can also help you develop the patent idea more effectively and then work with the USPTO to provide you with the legal protection you deserve.

Our focus is to provide fast, responsive, low cost patent protection for your inventions. We interact with inventors to transform their inventions into patent applications which is the first step in being issued a patent. Our ultimate goal is to serve your needs and make your experience with our firm pleasant and memorable.

Our Expertise

At Tyrean, we have technical expertise that exceeds the technical capabilities of other patent service law firms. Our skilled practitioners are not only registered patent practitioners but also inventors as well. Our staff members hold over a hundred patents for unique products and services. We use our technical knowledge and breadth of technology to offer our client a unique opportunity to create a patent application that rests on a solid technical foundation. Clients work directly with our high tech patent filing services of our skilled practitioners. Our system is based on decades of employment at the research and development division of Bell laboratories. We combine our high tech technical background and innovative thinking together and apply this knowledge to create a hierarchical technical structure of our client’s invention. The invention is structured from the primary top core elements of the invention down through the hierarchy of lower dependent elements of the invention. This hierarchical structure is then used to draft claims that are very broad by transforming the top core elements of the hierarchical structure into independent claims and the all remaining hierarchical elements as dependent claims.

Our background at Bell Laboratories in both Research and Development along with being registered to practice patent law by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) qualifies us to describe and define your high tech inventions and to generate claims that are legally enforceable in court.
Additional Services
We also offer free consultations, provide quick turnaround service, and reduced flat fee rates for volume work. In additional to such services, we provide prior art searches, preparing and filing of: provisional, non-provisional, design, plant and reissue patent applications. Our services extend to prosecuting a client’s patent application at the United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO) by responding to first and second action responses, and filing a request for a continued examination (RCE), a notice of appeal, or an appeal brief until the USPTO notifies us that our clients patent application is allowed and will issue as a patent.

We can also file your inventions into a foreign country using the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Our firm is one of the top patent law firms New York City Area to patent inventions for startup companies.




Hi Inventors,

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